Information about the Environmental Management System and Quality System
of Yazaki Kako Corporation.
All of our factories are ISO 9001 certified.
ISO 9001
Ota Factory
ISO 9001
Inuyama Factory
We are continually developing our product line and manufacturing process in
order to satisfy the changing needs of society.
We at Yazaki Kako Corporation have been certified in ISO 14001
which is The Environmental Management System, in order to deal with the
Environmental issues around us.
ISO 14001
Environmental Management System
The Environmental Policy of Yazaki Kako Corporation.

At Yazaki Kako Corporation we aim to reduce the environmental
load and earn the trust of our community. We strive to maintain and improve
the Environmental Management System by establishing the following:
1 First, we establish our environmental objectives and targets based on the
Environmental Management System and make an effort to achieve them.
We then review them periodically to push forward the continuous improve-
ment of the Environmental policy.
2 Production must meet our high standards of minimal waste and energy ex-
penditure, conform to all laws, regulations and other policies to protect the
3 Yazaki Kako Corporation is rigorously applying ISO 14001 to reduce pollution
and increase safety in all of its operations including preparation and
maintenance. In the even of accident, Yazaki Kako Corporation has a well
oranized program ready to act to prevent damage to the community or
4 The cornerstone of our environmental policy is education. Care for the envi-
ronment begins with the employee. We conduct our education programs
based on our environmental policy.
5 We make every effort to provide products which lessen the environmental
load. The environment is our first concern.